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Illinois business leaders renew debate over minimum wage during COVID-19

By OurQuadCities April 14, 2020 Many business leaders are hoping to bring back employees they were forced to lay off after the stay-at-home order ends. The Illinois Chamber of Commerce believes the July increase would make it much harder to afford those employees. According to Todd Maisch, CEO of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, the increase will put a strain on employers. “We need to not be talking about increasing their costs. We need to be talking about decreasing their costs, and what we can do to allow them to get reopened, and rehire their employees.” Right now, Illinois is set to increase the minimum wage by 75 cents. ...

City leaders urge lawmakers to freeze minimum wage hike amid coronavirus

By Kara Biernat March 27, 2020 A call from Quincy city leaders to push back the minimum wage increases in Illinois, set to go into effect in July. They said this is just another way to help businesses through what they're calling a health and economic crisis. At TCBY, employees said due to the coronavirus, it's been a challenge and that's the case for many businesses in Quincy. Read More

Proposal would tier Illinois minimum wage based on location

By Charity Bel March 9, 2020 There's a new push in Springfield to once again change minimum wage in Illinois. The new proposal would tier minimum wages, depending on where you live. The minimum wage increased to $9.25 an hour on January first. It's scheduled to increase again July first to $10 dollars an hour. At Water Works in Quincy, a number of employees are minimum wage workers. They got bumped up to $9.25 an hour on January first, per Illinois law, with pay is set to increase again July first to $10 an hour. They will get a raise every year until they reach $15 hour in 2025. "If they were to change the law and get it ...

They’re your tips & you want them now! New Illinois law stipulates servers own their tips

By Rachel Meyers February 12, 2020 Already in 2020, many new financial laws are impacting the restaurant industry. First, a minimum wage increase went into effect in Illinois. And that's not to mention a one percent food and beverage tax on the table in Quincy, that goes into effect in May. Now, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has signed a new law clarifying that restaurant tips are the property of the employee who earned them. Read More

Illinois officials remind business owners of available tax credit to offset minimum wage hike

By Illinois Radio Network, January 6, 2020 SPRINGFIELD – Illinois officials are reminding small business owners about a tax credit that is available to offset some of the higher labor costs associated with the increase in the state’s minimum wage. The tax credit is available to small business owners and nonprofit organizations with 50 employees or less. Illinois Department of Revenue spokesman Sam Salustro said the credit will extend into 2026, at varying levels. “The tax credit is designed to help small businesses offset the state’s minimum wage rate,” Salustro said. “Eventually, which will reach $15 an hour.” Illinois’ ...