Published on: August 11, 2016

Fight for $15 and the Right to a Union Without Retaliation

The San Francisco Living Wage Coalition is proud to support the Fight for $15 Movement, as well as similar causes that fight for economic justice and the right to unionize without retaliation. Living wages are a great improvement in San Francisco, but not all employers are complying with these new laws, nor are they honoring their workers’ rights to organize without retaliation.

a. Fight for $15

The Fight for $15 began in New York City by fast food employees to protest the prolonged increase in income inequality. Inspired by the movement, other cities such as Seattle and San Francisco have begun to take action. (Read more)

b. Unions and Wage Equality

Statistical correlation between the decrease in union participation and increase in wage inequality shows the positive impact of unions in the fight for wage equality. (Read more)

Additional Materials

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