Ending the Injustice of Mass Incarceration

A broken criminal justice system is turning to mass incarceration as a source of cheap prison labor. The formerly incarcerated or convicted then face lifetime job discrimination that leaves them unemployed or in the dirtiest, most dangerous, and lowest paying jobs.

a. Stopping Mass Incarceration and Use of Prison Labor

Policies adopted in the “War on Drugs” and prison expansion have exponentially increased the percentage of incarcerated people in the United States. Recent policies have disproportionately affected African American and Latino communities. The Prison Industrial Complex is comprised of private companies that are benefiting from prison construction and prison labor. (Read more)

b. Ban the Box Campaign to End Lifetime Discrimination of Formerly Incarcerated or Convicted People

One of the greatest barriers for unemployed people in securing a job is having a felony conviction. When applicants check the box on job applications that asks if they have a criminal record, employers immediately discard their applications. We are supporting “All of Us or None,” a campaign to pass local and state laws that would remove the question from job applications. It would prevent immediate discrimination on the grounds of former convictions, instead allowing the question to be part of the hiring process later on. (Read more)