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2023 Concert with David Rovics
David Rovics Performs with Francisco Herrera at Redstone Building in San Francisco, California on February 10, 2023

2020 Interview with TPS holder Claudia Lainez on Temporary Protected Status (TPS)
TPS holder Claudia Lainez talks about Temporary Protected Status.

Los Hermanos en La Lucha
David Welch and Francisco Herrera perform on February 22, 2020, in the Redstone Labor Temple.

2019 End of the Year Celebration
The San Francisco Living Wage Coalition held its End of the Year Celebration on Dec. 14, 2019, with music and poetry.

It’s Time Living Wage Nurses Rally November 19, 2019
It’s Time For Living Wage nurses rally November 19, 2019

Fiesta de la Comunidad 2018
Veronica Aguilar Esteva demonstrates the indigenous Oaxacan culture.

Inmigracion y Libre Tratado – Presentación de David Bacon
Presentación de David Bacon, escritor y fotógrafo documentalista de California. Ex organizador de la Union, actualmente realiza documentales hacerca del trabajo, la economia global, la guerra y la inmigración.

David Bacon on Trade and Immigration Policies
David Bacon presents on U.S. Trade and Immigration Policies and how they are linked.

Town Hall
Workers at the airport, home care workers and other low wage workers speak in a town hall meeting in San Francisco’s Bayview district on the need for legislative action to raise wages.

Low-Wage Workers Townhall Meeting for Higher Wages
Low-wage workers and their allies meet in the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood in San Francisco to discuss proposed amendments to the Minimum Compensation Ordinance.

Workers’ Stories
Three workers – Stacey Curtis, Keny Lopez, and Kevin Prasad share their stories with us and advocate for a living wage.

Mexican Teachers
Labor Leaders, Teachers, Community Organizations and Clergy protest at the Mexican Consulate in San Francisco.

Strike for $15
Strike For $15 And Our Homes at 609 Market St. McDonald’s and Montgomery BART Station.

David Rovics in Concert
David Rovics performing at “Folk against the TPP and a Wall on the Border” concert Nov 18, 2016

David Rovics in Concert
David Rovics’ Concert at the Labor Temple.

The Don’t Know Our Struggle Documentary
Alternative: Veoh
Interviews with participants of the Community Jobs Program and the need to extend the TANF funding for next year.

SFLW Mini Outreach Documentary
Alternative: Veoh
Interviews with people involved in the campaign to increase wages for non-profit workers and city funding for non-profit agencies in San Francisco.

Juarez and El Paso
Alternative: Veoh
Documentary of the effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on both sides of the border in Ciudad Juarez and El Paso, Texas, and displacement caused by real estate speculation.

Lomas del Poleo
Alternative: Veoh
Interviews with residents of Lomas del Poleo, a neighborhood of Ciudad Juarez.

Renee Saucedo
Renee Saucedo’s involvement against budget cuts.

SFLW Mini Documentary
Alternative: Veoh
Interviews with politicians, activists, and citizens on improvements to the City amendments and better living wage.