Fixing a Broken Immigration System

A broken immigration system is pushing undocumented workers into the shadows, leaving workers vulnerable to violations of their workplace rights, forcing them to accept lower pay, and creating guest worker programs in which the employers can have workers deported for speaking out for better conditions.

a. Dignity Campaign

The Dignity Campaign creates a vision of progressive immigration reform. We are part of a national network of immigrant rights organizations that are building a grassroots movement that is demanding immigration reform that provides full legalization, family reunification, an end to employer sanctions and other workplace enforcement, an end to the militarization of the border, and an end to guest worker programs. (Read more)

b. Promoting the Solidarity Economy

Promoting the solidarity economy as an alternative to abuse and exploitation. We are assisting janitors in forming a worker –owned cooperative with a union contract. As co-owners of the business, they would be shielded from the abusive practices of an employer exploiting their immigration status.

c. Stop the Raids and Deportations

Sign the Pledge of Resistance to take immediate action in the event that ICE targets any one of us or an employer threatens a worker with firing based on immigration status. Read more)