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Francisco Herrera – Honor Migrante

Honor Migrante

Cultural activist Francisco Herrera uses songs to promote social justice. He has a new album called Honor Migrante. Please support Francisco by buying his album, he is donating 30% for every CD he sells on our site to support SF Living Wage.

His album Honor Migrante is full of songs that reflect his passion for social justice. The themes range from immigrant rights to globalization, and the music itself crosses genre borders from traditional-sounding norteño and corrido tunes to post-modern electro-cumbia and Latin Rock.

For more info about Francisco visit his page at franciscoherreramusic.com

Redd Welsh

Redd Welsh takes what we all feel and know and puts it out with such passion to inspire us all. He does not hold back and tells the reality of our society from the greed of the elite to the abuses of the powers that be. His songs covers various genres from country to R&B.

Visit Redd Welsh’s website at reddwelsh.com

Redd Welsh – Stand with the People

Stand with the People by Redd Welsh

Redd Welsh – Class War

Class War by Redd Welsh


Grover Lewis by Rodger Scott

Grover Lewis by Rodger Scott

Rodger Scott, activist with AFT Local 2121, delegate to the San Francisco Labor Council and Coordinating Committee member of the San Francisco Living Wage Coalition, is donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of his book through our site to the Living Wage Coalition.

“Grover Lewis: The Uncommon Insight and Grace of an Ordinary Man” is a new biography about a journalist now regarded as one of the forerunners of new journalism. His lengthy examinations of film, music and more in the 1970s were published in The Village Voice, Texas Monthly, and the Rolling Stone.