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September – Reclaiming Cinco de Mayo
April – Concert for Juarez

December – Living Wage Coalition End of the Year Celebration
November – Domestic Workers Rally October 26th for Paid Sick Days
October – Our Grandfathers Were Braceros
September – New Grito for a Change, a celebration of Mexican and Central American Independence

August – 11th Annual Awards (Virtual) Dinner
June – Reclaiming Cinco de Mayo
April – Las Hormigas in Ciudad Juarez

September – 10th Annual Labor Woman and Man of the Year Award (Virtual) Dinner
July – Car caravan, march, and rally for emergency aid to aid immigrant workers

November – It’s Time For Living Wage nurses rally November 19, 2019
October – Save The Children March September 16
May – May 8 Rally to Raise Rate in the Minimum Compensation Ordinance
April – Redstone Labor Temple Celebration
January – Living Wage End of the Year Celebration and Rally to Save the Redstone Labor Temple

January – Jan. 5 Rally to Save Temporary Protected Status
February – Living Wage Pop up Gallery
May – MCO Amendments, May Day March, NAFTA
June – May 18 forum on NAFTA
July – Press rally on the lawsuit by TPS holders against the Trump administration
August – Video tributes to Juana Flores and Arnulfo De La Cruz
November- Rally and passage of MCO amendments

January – Juarez Factory Workers
February – Convergence Arizona Border
March – International Women’s Day Rallies
May – May Day March
June – Rally at City Hall
July – Interview with Workers on the Importance of Wage Increase
August – Town Hall Meeting on the MCO
October – Westside Town Hall Meeting on Raising Wages
December – Concert with David Rovics

February – Silent Art Auctions
April – Concert for Juarez
May – Reclaiming Cinco de Mayo
August – San Francisco Living Wage Coalition Awards Dinner 2016
October – Mexican and Central American independence day 2016
November – David Rovics in Concert Nov 18

January – Rallies in Support of Janitorial Workers
February – Martin Luther King Jr. Day Rally
April – Black Lives Matter Press Conference at City Hall
May – Reclaiming Cinco de Mayo
June – Fight for $15/hr Rally in Berkeley
July – Awards Dinner
August – Art Auction
September – Mexican and Central American Independence Day Celebration
November – Fight for $15 Demonstration Rally
December – End Of Year Celebration

April – No on Deportation Rally
June – Performances and speeches at the SFLWC’s Cinco de Mayo Celebration
July – Labor/Community Street Fair on Saturday, July 5th
August – San Francisco Living Wage Coalition Awards Dinner 2014
October – Mexican & Central American Independence Day
November – Popup Gallery

June – May Fellowship Day at United Temple Methodist Church
August- San Francisco Living Wage Coalition Awards Dinner 2013
September – Rally Against Walmart
December – End Of Year Celebration

August – San Francisco Living Wage Coalition Awards Dinner 2012
November – CCSF Rally and protest in front of Colombian Consulate
December – End Of Year Celebration

August – San Francisco Living Wage Coalition Awards Dinner 2011
September – Protest in front of the Mexican consulate for electrician union SME and Mainstreet rally for America in front of the Federal building
November – Tax Financial Transaction rally and March at Embarcadero/Financial District

September – Rally in front of Sen. Feinstein office to support extending the stimulus package in congress
December – Congress of the People Conference held at Horace Mann middle school in November 2010

February – Immigration rights rally in front of Mayor Newsom office and outside City hall. Also Local 2 march in front of Le Meridian hotel
March – Boycott and Rally against Meridian Hotel at Justin Herman Plaza
May – SF Living Wage Coalition participating in the May Day Rally

May – Labor workshop featuring CCSF Labor teacher Bill Shields and May Day rally at Dolores park
June – San Francisco Living wage participating in the rally against service cuts at City Hall
September – East Bay workshop event for immigrant workers rights and proposals
October – Interview with Lilian Maher from the Paid Family Leave Collaborative

July – People’s Budget rally at City Hall
September – Celebration of Latin American and Mexican independence day with cultural performances at local 1021 hall in San Francisco
October – Press conference and rally on the steps of City Hall to announce the passage of amendments to the living wage law