We have a “new normal” in which income inequality is growing even during cycles of economic recovery. The San Francisco Living Wage Coalition is developing an analysis of the underpinnings of this new economy, the growing income inequality, and increasing wealth disparity. By understanding how our economy is constructed, we can begin to reform it. Read more in “Our Campaigns” section.

12th Annual Awards Dinner

Join us on July 22, 2022 as we honor individuals for their contributions to the labor community.

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We acknowledge our recent donors

  • Edward and Mattie Al-Ghani
  • Jeffrey Auman
  • Juliette Ballard
  • Jonathan Bonato
  • Gregory Brown
  • Alyse Ceirante
  • Allan and Ana Fisher
  • Julie Fisher
  • Galina Gerasimova
  • Robert Guter
  • John Lemmo
  • John Levin and Paula Braveman
  • Dorothy Juanita Levine
  • Mary Jane Mikuriya in memory of Betty de Losada 
  • Alice Rogoff
  • Sarah Sandford-Smith
  • Candy Smallwood
  • David Williams
  • Unions and Organizations:
  • Teamsters Local 350
  • National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 214 in honor of Dave Welsh
  • Painters District Council 16
  • Theatrical Stage Employees Local 16