Proposal would tier Illinois minimum wage based on location

By Charity Bel March 9, 2020

There’s a new push in Springfield to once again change minimum wage in Illinois.

The new proposal would tier minimum wages, depending on where you live.

The minimum wage increased to $9.25 an hour on January first.

It’s scheduled to increase again July first to $10 dollars an hour.

At Water Works in Quincy, a number of employees are minimum wage workers.

They got bumped up to $9.25 an hour on January first, per Illinois law, with pay is set to increase again July first to $10 an hour.

They will get a raise every year until they reach $15 hour in 2025.

“If they were to change the law and get it towards regionally, and drop the minimum wage it would help this area a ton.”

Rob Warning | Water Works Owner
Owner Rob Warnings likes Senator Jil Tracy’s proposed legislation that would set minimum wage based on where you live in Illinois.

For example, people would make more money in Chicago where cost of living is much higher than in Quincy.

At Domestics, Etc. in Quincy owner Joy Berhorst agrees a $15 hour minimum wage is hard on small business owners in Quincy.

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