Closing the Wage Gap

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Senate gives P100 minimum wage hike bill final nod

HANA BORDEY, GMA Integrated News February 19, 2024  The Senate approved Monday on third and final reading a bill increasing the daily minimum wage of workers in the private sector by P100.Senate Bill 2534  or “An Act Providing for a 100 Pesos Daily Minimum Wage Increase for Employees and Workers in the Private Sector” garnered

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Two dollars and thirteen cents an hour

Robert Reich February 19, 2024 That’s how much millions of American workers are paid under the federal subminimum wage — which was set all the way back in 1991. While many think tipping for services has gotten out of control, arguing over who deserves a tip and how much they should get distracts from what we should

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Average salary in the U.S. in 2024

Mehdi Punjwani, Bryce Colburn, Sierra Campbell | BLUEPRINT Updated 1:06 p.m. UTC Feb. 21, 2024 Average salaries and wages in the United States have been increasing year after year, but the landscape looks different depending on a range of factors, from where you live to how old you are. If you’re wondering how your earnings compare

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Rising cost of employer-sponsored healthcare cutting into worker wages, study finds

KATHLEEN STEELE GAIVIN JANUARY 17, 2024 Employers are paying more for healthcare insurance, and the costs are cutting into wages and contributing to growing income inequality. That’s according to research published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association.Indeed, as the McKnight’s Business Daily previously has reported, healthcare costs reached a historic high in 2023, according to Willis Towers

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