Campaign in 2024 for Wage Increases

In the City and County of San Francisco Memorandum of Understanding with SEIU Local 2015, the wages for IHSS home care workers are slated to increase to $21.50 per hour on July 1 and $22 per hour on January 1, 2025. In an agreement reached with the Mayor and SEIU Local 1021 last year, the minimum rate under the Minimum Compensation Ordinance is set to increase to $20.25 per hour on July 1. This was part of a campaign initiated by the San Francisco Living Wage Coalition in meetings with SEIU Local 2015 and 1021. The goal is to set a path to $25 per hour.

The Human Services Agency (HSA) has assured us that they are structuring into the budget that they are sending the Mayor’s office on February 21 the wage increases for home care workers and a 3 percent cost-of-doing-business increase to nonprofit organization with which the department contracts to cover the costs of raising the minimum wage rate to $20.25 per hour. They said that they are working on including increased funding to raise the minimum rate of pay in welfare-to-work programs to $20.25 per hour. They are assuming
that a cut to the CalWORKs budget that would result in a loss of nearly $17 million to San Francisco which was in Governor Gavin Newsom’s budget proposal in January will not stand as the budget is debated over the spring. The San Francisco Living Wage Coalition will join with statewide organizations in campaigning against this cut.

Interns from Brown University during two weeks of their winter break prepared reports in calculating the costs of the wage increases for IHSS home care workers, city-funded nonprofit workers and CalWORKs parents in welfare-to-work programs. The reports can be viewed below. We will be monitoring the budget process to make sure that this funding is included in the Mayor’s budget.

Report on Calculations of the Costs of a Wage Increase for IHSS Home Care Workers for FY 2024-2025

The estimated cost of an increase to the minimum rate of the Minimum Compensation Ordinance for FY 2024-2025 and the estimated cost of a cost-of-doing-business increase of 3.666 percent for all nonprofit contractors for FY 2024-2025