Dignity Campaign Immigrant Rights Advocacy

Published Oct 22, 2021

The Dignity Campaign is a network of more than 40 immigrant rights and community organizations, unions and churches, including ours, that has crafted an immigration reform proposal based on “human, labor and civil rights for all.” The campaign’s member organizations support a progressive alternative to current immigration proposals in Congress. Current immigration proposals in Congress consist in getting some legalization in trade for guest worker programs and increasing border and workplace enforcement. The consequences of this immigration policy, which is based on producing a labor supply for employers, is the break-up of families, displacement of communities and vulnerability of immigrant workers to extreme exploitation. A progressive alternative immigration proposal would include immediate legalization of the undocumented, de-criminalization of immigrants, equal rights, reunification of families, an end to temporary worker programs, and an end to trade and foreign policies that cause the dislocation of people.

The Living Wage Coalition is currently supporting the Dignity Campaign.
Visit https://www.migrantdignity.org/ for more information.