● The Living Wage laws (the Minimum Compensation Ordinance and Health Care Accountability Ordinance) have raised the minimum wage and provided health care coverage for employees of businesses and non-profits receiving service contracts and leases from the City.

● The San Francisco ordinance sets a living wage standard at $14.02 per hour with employer-paid health benefits and paid sick time and vacation for workers at for-profit city contractors, and lease-holders and their subcontractors at the airport.

● The current Minimum Compensation wage rate will be eclipsed by the San Francisco Minimum Wage which will rise to $15 per hour on July 1, 2018, but does not cover workers at the airport.

● The proposed amendments to the Minimum Compensation Ordinance would increase the wage rate to $1.86 above the minimum wage, which it has been historically, and provide to non-profit workers, home care workers and CalWORKs participants the same wage rate as workers at for-profit businesses receive.

● The amendments include language that the City would make a commitment to budget adequate funding for non-profit organizations so that they can raise wages without laying off staff and cutting services.

● There is no better investment than investing in the people who do the hard work of taking care of our elderly and disabled, mentoring our youth, counseling families, caring for the homeless and serving our City. It is the right thing to do.

Endorsers include the San Francisco Living Wage Coalition, San Francisco Labor Council, San Mateo Labor Council, San Francisco Construction and Building Trades Council, UNITE HERE Local 2, SEIU United Service Workers West, SEIU Local 2015, SEIU Local 1021, Office and Professional Employees Local 29, Jobs with Justice SF, Machinists District 141, Church Women United SF, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 5, Coalition on Homelessness, Teamsters Local 856, Homeless Prenatal Program, Chinese Progressive Association, Teamsters Local 665, Teamsters Local 350, Teamsters 2010, Teamsters Local 853, Young Workers United, Young Community Developers, National Lawyers Guild SF Bay Area

Our organization endorses the amendments to the Living Wage law and will send a letter to Interim Mayor Mark Farrell and members of the Board of Supervisors urging them to support the living wage amendments.

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