Fight for $15 and a Union for Fastfood Workers

Published July 9, 2022

This week, our chants and cheers echoed through the halls of the California state house as the Senate Judiciary Committee voted YES 7-to-1 to pass AB 257 and move towards the Senate floor! AB 257 is a monumental piece of legislation for fast-food workers. The bill would give workers like me a seat at the table with global corporations like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Jack in the Box to set industry-wide standards like wages, benefits and working conditions. We’re gaining momentum, but we need your support.

In order to win, the State Legislature must pass this bill and Governor Newsom must sign it into law. By supporting AB 257, Governor Newsom would be supporting landmark legislation that would create the opportunity for economic equity and worker power for more than half a million fast-food workers.

In June, we held over 100 strikes throughout California. Through our actions in the streets and in the halls of our legislature, we are fighting back against exploitation. We have to stand together and say no to poverty wages, dangerously hot temperatures in our kitchens and harassment from our bosses.