Phone script to call Senator Alex Padilla, Senator Dianne Feinstein, and Nancy Pelosi.

Alex Padilla Office Locations:

    • (415) 981-9369
      (202) 224-0454
    • (559) 497-5109
      (202) 228-3864
    • (916) 448-2787
      (202) 228-3865
    • (310) 231-4494
      (202) 224-0357
    • (619) 239-3884
      (202) 228-3863
    • (202) 224-3553
      (202) 224-2200

Laphonza Butler Office:

  • Wash. D.C. phone
    • 202-224-3841

Nancy Pelosi Office Locations: 

  • San Francisco
    • (415) 556-4862
  • Washington, DC
    • (202) 225-4965

My name is [NAME], and I’m a constituent in [CITY]. I wanted to call to express my concern for President Trump’s decision to cancel Temporary Protected Status.

I would like to call to clarify [PADILLA, FEINSTEIN OR PELOSI]’s stance on these proposed cuts. My hope is that [PADILLA, FEINSTEIN OR PELOSI] will continue to oppose any attempt to eliminate Temporarily Protected Status and that they continue to fight for TPS holders’ path to citizenship.

Trump decided to cancel Temporary Protected Status for over 400,000 people. While this decision has been canceled due to ongoing court cases, the future of TPS holders hangs in the balance. Many TPS holders have been here for years buying homes, raising families, and developing careers. The United States government has failed to offer these people any paths to citizenship or residency since the establishment of TPS in the ’90s. Canceling TPS would be disastrous to thousands of families, our communities, and our economy.

Thank you for your time.