A4 – Aqui nos toco vivir! By Calixto Robles

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25” x 19” silkscreen print

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Calixto Robles

I am a printmaker, painter, and ceramic sculptor from Oaxaca, Mexico. My work is inspired by the myths, symbols, colors, and ancient traditions of Meso-America While in the midst of working these traditional influences arise spontaneously, accidentally, and at the moment. I use natural and supernatural figures such as angels, eagles, jaguars, horses, hearts, and moons.

Silkscreen allows me to take advantage of textures and use brilliant and vivid colors. I make loose open screen marks combined with withdrawn and found images.

My focus in painting is to create textured complex and magical realms. I rework the image many times completely changing the composition, subject matter, and color until finally arriving at the finished piece. The paintings pass through many renditions and moods like daydreams.

Hand building in ceramics brings me back to the earliest memories I have of making art. It allows me to be in contact with this element of earth which is so tactile, generous, and humble. My clay figures are inspired by my personal vocabulary that has been influenced by Pre-Columbian sculptures. I primarily use oxides to create natural earth tones.

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