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Coronavirus relief: Long Doggers owners use emergency relief money to set $20 minimum wage for employees

By Suzy Fleming Leonard April 2, 2020 John “LJ” Burr and his partners at Long Doggers are entrepreneurs. They're used to thinking on their feet and planning on the fly. When indoor dining was limited and then closed because of quickly changing COVID-19 mandates, the six Long Doggers restaurants across the county began offering groceries through their drive-through windows. Now, as Florida begins a 30-day stay-at-home order, Burr wants to take care of his employees. Money coming in from the government's Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act will go to set a $20 minimum wage for everyone who works at the restaurants. ...

Starbucks Baristas Accuse Service Company of Abuse and Pay Gaps

By Maria Cramer March 1, 2020 One transgender barista said his supervisors kept writing “Jessica” instead of Jay on his work schedule. They stared at his stubble and frowned at his deepening voice. A manager even laughed when he told her to stop referring to him as “she,” said the barista, Jay Kelly, who works at a Starbucks at Orlando International Airport in Florida. ... The union is pushing HMSHost to increase its hourly minimum wage to $15 and to provide benefits in line with what Starbucks offers its employees, like full tuition reimbursement. Read More