Push to get essential workers hazard pay during coronavirus outbreak

By Viktoria Hallikaar

April 21, 2020

As essential workers continue keeping our nation afloat a toll is being taken on them.

Long hours, close contact with others, and a risk for catching the virus are all things they have to consider.

Now, more people are pushing for increased pay.

“They deserve a fair and equitable living wage for what they do and that isn’t what’s happening here,” said Leslie Dach, the chair of Protect Our Care.

Essential employees are continuing to show up to work, knowing they’re vital for health care, food distribution, and more,

Many come in every day worried they could be out of a paycheck if they get the virus, or possibly even worse, bringing it home to their loved ones.

“Yesterday one of our members from one of our meat processing facilities, her husband died,” said Michele Kessler, the secretary treasurer for United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776. “She felt such guilt because she knew that that had to come from her.”

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