Cien Horas con Fidel


Interviews with Fidel Castro in Spanish

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Several books have been published in the world based on long interviews or conversations with Fidel Castro. But none like this reaches the magnitude, diversity, breadth, scope and importance of this interview conducted between 2003 and 2005 by the French intellectual and journalist Ignacio Ramonet, director of the Parisian monthly Le Monde Diplomatique, one of the most among the contemporary European progressive intelligentsia, author of numerous books and essays on issues of social communication and international politics, one of the main promoters and animators of the world movement to fight against neoliberal globalization and a loyal and sincere friend of Cuba and the Revolution Cuban. Because of the level of information and sagacity of the interviewer, because of the sharpness and relevance of his questions.

Author: Ignacio Ramonet

Interviews with Fidel Castro in Spanish