Sueños de Primavera en Una Tarde de Otoño


Book of poems in Spanish 110 pages

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Maribel González was born in Mexico City. She studied Communication Sciences at the Mexican University. As a teenager, while she was in high school, she felt attracted to poetry when she studied and read authors such as Rosario Castellanos, Octavio Paz, Rubén Darío, etc., becoming a passionate reader, especially of poetry. It was then that she began to write, later being influenced by Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez.

She won an honorable mention in a state short story contest while she was in high school. Being a professor at the University of Ecatepec, in the State of Mexico, she dedicated herself to correcting her first poems with the purpose of publishing her work, some of which are included in the book. His poetry is inspired by the way he perceives man and his interpretation of human emotions, while giving us an introspective look at his life experiences; an autobiography majestically embodied in poetry.

A beautiful reading that takes us on a wonderful journey through feelings and female consciousness in its various stages and transformations, without mutilating or annihilating the male gender, but rather making it create awareness of gender divergence , where, without a doubt, the deepest and purest emotions of the human being converge.

Author: Maribel González

Book of poems in Spanish 110 pages