Minimum Wage Is Going Up in 9 Provinces & Territories in 2020 But Alberta is Still the Top

By Lisa Belmonte

February 22, 2020

Making a living off minimum wage can sometimes be hard, especially if you live somewhere in Canada where that figure is low. You’d probably be hard-pressed to find someone who would turn down a pay increase but sometimes those changes can barely make a difference. For those people, there’s good news. Almost every province and territory is getting an increase this year.

In nine different regions across the country, the minimum amount you can be paid is set to go up for 2020 based on inflation and other factors.

Even national changes could be coming soon. During Question Period in the House of Commons on February 18, a Liberal minister announced that the government’s “plan for the future” includes implementing a $15 federal minimum wage.

“We remain committed to Canada’s workers,” said Filomena Tassi, Minister of Labour, in the House.

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