Economic Ministry seeks parliament counsel on minimum wage

By Avas

February 18, 2020

The research report prepared by the Economic Ministry on the establishment of a minimum wage in the Maldives has been submitted at the parliament for deliberation.

Speaker Mohamed Nasheed during Tuesday’s parliament sitting announced that the report had been sent to the parliament by Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail seeking the counsel of the parliament on the matter. A paper that included the report prepared by the International Labour Organization sent to the Economic Ministry, and a report on the ministry’s meetings with stakeholders has also been sent to the parliament, Nasheed revealed.

The reports have now been forwarded to the parliament’s Committee on Economic Affairs, said the Speaker.

Last week, the Economic Minister had announced that a minimum wage will be established and published before the end of the month. The amount will be established after consultation on the methodology and the amount with the Parliament, and as per the recommendations made by the advisory board established for the purpose, the minister had said.

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