Culture Shock: Low-income minorities are facing many new problems during this pandemic

By Colbi Edmonds | March 30, 2020

The coronavirus is disrupting everyone’s lives, but it is particularly devastating for the low-income minority cohort. I’m not sure that the government is doing enough.

Minorities “are more likely to experience multidimensional poverty” than someone who is white, according to the American Psychological Association. So during a crisis such as the one we are facing now, low-income minorities must deal with many other challenges in addition to what everyone else is facing.

One major problem is the lack of educational resources for students from low-income households. College students who rely heavily on campus resources could’ve potentially lost access to textbooks, meals and a home. Students from elementary to university who rely on school libraries for computers and internet access must now work from home in less than ideal conditions.

Not everyone has high-speed wifi and computers to do their work on, so the pre-existing failed education system in low-income areas is about to be made worse. Without consistent access to the internet, low-income minorities may not have access to accurate information in a time when it is especially crucial.

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