Coronavirus: Minimum wage boost may be shelved in Alameda

By Peter Hegarty

April 12, 2020

Workers in Alameda hoping for a bit more in their paycheck may have to wait another year if the City Council postpones a planned hike in the minimum wage to spare businesses struggling to survive through the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s a move Hayward took last week for the same reason and Fremont is also considering.

The current minimum wage in Alameda is $13.50 an hour and the planned increase would boost it $15 in July under an ordinance the City Council approved in October 2018.

“Many locally owned mom and pop stores especially need this temporary relief from the wage hike since they simply don’t have the financial reserves that national chains like Target or Safeway can draw on during the COVID-induced economic crisis,” Councilman Tony Daysog said Friday.

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