Clancy DuBos: Tort reform, wages among the fights brewing in upcoming legislative session

By Clancy DuBos

February 28, 2020

State lawmakers will have lots of issues to resolve when they begin their annual session March 9. More than a third of them will be brand new to the process, thanks to term limits and a successful push by conservative forces in last year’s statewide elections to replace white rural Democrats with white Republicans.

It remains to be seen how partisan the new Legislature will be. Early talk about working together probably won’t last long. There are too many polarizing issues (and special interests) for it to be otherwise.

Here’s a look at some of the issues lawmakers will consider:

Equal Pay for Women and Raising the Minimum Wage — Edwards champions both these causes, but with a larger GOP majority in both chambers their chances of success appear minimal. Still, it’s always a good fight — and it forces lawmakers to pick a side.

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