Charter Communications raises company minimum wage to $20 per hour

By NEWS RELEASE | Apr 06, 2020

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (NEWS RELEASE)– As millions have shifted to working and learning remotely, Charter’s employees have been working to ensure our customers stay connected during this crisis. We are proud to say that through their hard work, our networks have remained strong, even with a surge in usage. Our employees are our greatest resource and we’re doing everything we can to protect them.

This commitment to our employees is why, in an email today to our team, Charter CEO Tom Rutledge announced a further investment in our workforce by permanently raising our minimum wage for all employees to $20 per hour. The initial increase will be implemented immediately for frontline field technicians and customer service call center employees who are the face of our company to our nearly 30 million customers and who are providing critical services to our communities, emergency relief workers, and government entities. Those frontline hourly workers – regardless of current wage – will receive an immediate $1.50 per hour increase and subsequent increases so that in 2022 all current and future hourly employees will have a starting rate of $20 an hour or more.

As Tom said in his email this morning, “Because of the important work we do, there will continue to be crises we will face, including hurricanes, floods, tornados, fires, and ice storms for as long as we are in business. We keep people connected no matter what. It’s the obligation we have to the communities we serve.”