Tories quietly exempt scores of rogue firms from being named and shamed over minimum wage

By Nicola Bartlett FEB 11, 2020

Ministers have brought back a policy of naming and shaming firms who underpay their staff but the government have quietly exempted scores of rogue firms from being named and shamed over not paying the minimum wage.

Ministers axed a policy of publishing the names of businesses who don’t pay the legal minimum.

They have now decided to bring it back but with a major caveat.

Whereas previously any companies that underpay by £100 have been named – that has since been raised to £500.

Businesses that underpay by less than £100 will have the chance to correct their mistakes without being named, still have to pay back workers and can face fines of up to 200% of the arrears.

Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey said: “There is no justification for employers paying less than the minimum wage, which isn’t even a genuine living wage. Naming and shaming isn’t enough — we need to see a crackdown on employers who are breaking the law.

“Far from protecting low paid workers, today’s announcement means fewer employers will actually be named and shamed. When you look at the detail, the Tories have found a new way to let unscrupulous bosses off the hook.”

Tories quielty Exempts scores of rogue firms from being named