Three more London employers pledge to pay ‘living wage’

By FREE PRESS STAFF January 29, 2020

Two more London companies and one more organization have signed on to become certified living wage employers, the London Poverty Research Centre announced Tuesday.

Nexreg Compliance Inc., Mobials Inc. and Saint Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores have joined 15 other city organizations in volunteering to pay London’s living wage.

The living wage has been calculated at $16.20 an hour, or a before-tax annual income of about $29,000 a year based on a 35-hour work week.

The living wage is based on the local costs of food, housing, phone, internet service, transportation and several other essentials, and is higher than Ontario’s legislated minimum wage of $14 an hour.

Anti-poverty advocates say the living wage provides a better quality of life, giving an individual about $4,000 more a year and a family of four with two working adults about $8,000 more a year than the minimum wage.