Teacher pay: Nashville schools plans additions to its $950 million budget. But can it fit in teacher pay?

By Jason Gonzales

February 26, 2020

As the Nashville public schools board works to refine its budget ask for next year, the question lingers whether teacher pay will be included.

The $950 million budget proposal for the 2020-21 school year includes only what is necessary to maintain operations— an increase of $28 million over last year. Any additions included outside of the $950 million could push the ask by the board upward by millions.

Money for teacher pay, especially, could be a costly endeavor. The board has named it one of the top budget problems it wants to tackle.

As the board prioritizes what it wants in its proposed budget, there is a worry that members won’t be able to make good on their wish to increase pay.

Board member Sharon Gentry said during a Tuesday board meeting she is concerned that educator pay will be a priority that goes unaddressed, similar to past years’ efforts by the board to significantly increase pay.

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