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Wage board in E. Visayas announced P10-increase for minimum wage earners

By Marie Tonette Marticio February 19, 2020 The Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board (RTWPB) in Eastern Visayas announced that the additional P10 daily minimum wage took effect Tuesday, February 18. RTWPB chairman and Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) 8 regional director Yahya Centi, said the increase was part of the second tranche of the wage adjustment approved by the Board last year, making the minimum wage P325 for non-agriculture workers. He added that under Wage Order 21, those working in cottage industries and agriculture sector would now receive P295 daily minimum wage. Read More

Businesses, employees adjust to $12 minimum wage

by Joycelyn Cabrera - Feb 3, 2020 As the final fixed increase to minimum wage hits, local businesses are adjusting. Jan. 1, the state of Arizona increased minimum wage from $11 to $12, after several increases from previous years. In 2021 and beyond, Arizona’s minimum wage will change based on the cost of living in the state. Local business owners shared the struggles of running a home-grown business under rising minimum wage, costing the employers more money from limited resources. Headquarters Restaurant and Bar owner Alma Farrell discussed tough choices the eatery has to make. Since the minimum-wage increases started in 2016, she ...