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Advocates aim for more and better paying jobs for people with disabilities, who sometimes make less than minimum wage

By Tabitha Mueller March 16, 2020 During the 2019 legislative session, a bill designed to phase out “subminimum wage” — the practice of paying disabled employees less than the minimum wage and sometimes as little as three to four cents an hour — died without a vote. But the push is not over. With help from a state grant, disabilities rights advocates along with the Guinn Center for Policy Priorities are convening roundtables with employers to discuss roadblocks to hiring people with disabilities. Beginning in August, they plan to work with legislators to submit bill draft requests addressing wage and employment challenges. “What ...

Why businesses get away with paying pennies to employees with disabilities

By Sara Luterman March 16, 2020 As we head into the endgame of the Democratic primary, it may not seem like the remaining candidates have very much in common. Former Vice President Joe Biden has campaigned for a return to the comfort and normalcy of the Obama era, while Sen. Bernie Sanders is asking for a revolution and fundamental changes to how American government functions. And yet there are a handful of issues upon which they agree, not only with each other, but with a surprising number of not-at-all-moderate Republicans. One of those shared issues: Ending below-minimum wage for people with disabilities. Under a little-known regulation ...

Bill to equalize wages for people with disabilities receives unanimous committee support

By Paul Dwyer February 26, 2020 A state law that allows people with disabilities to be paid less than the minimum wage could soon be changed. Lawmakers on the Labor and Housing committee voted unanimously Wednesday to approve a bill that bans that practice. People with disabilities currently can receive a special certificate to be paid below minimum wage. Read More