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California City Weighs Joining Neighbors with $15 Minimum Wage

By Christine Pulfrey February 27, 2020 A $15 minimum wage ordinance is expected to be adopted March 9 by San Carlos, Calif., which would join more than 20 neighboring locations with similar wages. If approved by the city council, the proposed ordinance would establish a $15 minimum wage that would take effect July 1, 2020. The wage would be reviewed in subsequent years for inflation-related adjustments. The ordinance was introduced Feb. 24 and was unanimously supported by the city council. A second reading, scheduled for March 9, is required before the ordinance is adopted, the city clerk said. Nearby Hayward and Half Moon Bay each ...

Burlingame weighing minimum wage hike

By Austin Walsh February 8, 2020 Attempting to keep pace with pay hikes paid across the Peninsula and eventually the rest of California, Burlingame officials laid the groundwork for increasing the city’s minimum wage. The Burlingame City Council discussed Monday, Feb. 3, plans to raise the local rate by the start of next year, moving ahead of a law which will eventually require cities throughout the state to pay $15 per hour. Read More

Janitors March Throughout California to Demand “New Deal” for Immigrant Workers

By City News Service February 6, 2020 More than 1,000 janitors in Los Angeles will carry out a march Thursday to demand that the owners of the world’s largest buildings adopt a “new deal” for immigrant workers. Janitors will also rally in Orange, San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento and San Diego. Read More

Santa Cruz City Council passes living-wage increase

By Josh Copitch Jan 29, 2020 The Santa Cruz City Council voted on and passed a living wage increase during Tuesday's City Council meeting. The increase applies only to employees with contracts with the city of Santa Cruz. Depending on several factors, the living-wage for city workers would be $17.90 or $19.53. The change would go into effect on July 1. According to the council, the wage would depend on whether city employees received minimum vacation leave, sick leave, and health insurance benefits. The smaller amount would go to employees who also received the stated benefits. Currently, the minimum wage is $12-$13 per hour (depending ...

California’s minimum wage is going up again in January

By Andrew Sheeler DECEMBER 06, 2019 California’s minimum wage is moving to $13 an hour in 2020. The new minimum wage goes into effect Jan. 1, and applies to employers with 26 or more employees. Employers with fewer than 26 employees will have to pay a minimum wage of $12 an hour. 2020 marks the fourth consecutive year that the minimum wage has increased in the Golden State, as California moves toward a goal of a $15-an-hour minimum wage for large employers by 2022 and for all employers by 2023. Several municipalities in California have their own minimum wage that exceeds the state’s, according to the UC Berkeley Labor Center. Sou...