Sargent explains minimum wage proposal

By State Rep. Melissa Sargent 48th Assembly District Feb 23, 2020

In Wisconsin, our state’s minimum wage has stayed stagnant at $7.25/hour since 2008 when there was a $0.75 raise. $7.25 wasn’t enough to support a family in 2008, and it certainly isn’t enough now. While the federal minimum wage has not increased since 2009, the cost of living in Wisconsin has only continued to rise with exuberant housing, childcare, and healthcare costs, among many others daily necessities and expenses.

At $7.25 per hour no individual can sustainably afford to live. For example:

• Housing: In Dane County, the cost for comfortably affording a two bedroom apartment requires making $21.02/hour, or nearly 3x the current minimum wage. Statewide, this number is still a staggering average of $16.77/hour.

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