Punch Pizza announces it’s raising starting wage to $15 an hour

By:Declan Desmond April 25, 2021 for Bring Me The News

The $15-an-hour minimum wage movement has gained at least one key adopter in the Twin Cities: Punch Neapolitan Pizza. The local chain, which boasts 12 locations around the metro, made the announcement on Facebook this weekend: Punch says that, “starting today, all newly hired employees will start at $15/hr,” and that “100% of our current employees are also getting a raise.” “We think our employees are our number one asset,” the post says. “When we ask customers why they return to Punch the top two answers, closely ranked, are the quality of our pizza and our engaged, friendly employees.” As WCCO notes, Punch is “one of the first Minnesota restaurant companies to make this leap to a $15 minimum wage.” The station says the company will also be expanding its training programs along with the wage increase.