Renee Gibbons performs live at SF Living Wage Coalition


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An activist, writer, singer, actor, world traveler and bon vivant, Renee did everything you longed to do (and did it without making you jealous or resentful.)

Renee was born in Dublin, Ireland, one of seven children: Sean, Kala, Gemma, Fiona, Veronica and Patrick.

Renee is survived by her soulmate Lew Gibbons, a radical longshoreman from San Francisco she met on a ship bound for Egypt.

Renee leaves a daughter, Ashling “Biscuit” Cole, and grandchildren, Alanna Renee and Ronnie Lewis Cole: all incredibly beautiful and ridiculously talented. For those of you with plain, dull progeny she apologizes; she wasn’t trying to show off.

She also leaves Lew’s children and their partners: Niki (Michael Rogala), Jody (Michael Monahan), Kevin (Rebecca Rhine).

Renee was known for her passion for causes: the environment, human rights and especially workers’ rights. If her life has been an inspiration, and you’d like to emulate her, an easy way to start would be by making a donation to Planned Parenthood, Breast Cancer Action or Disarm.

To hear Renee’s story in her own voice, the audio version of her memoir Longing for Elsewhere: My Irish Voyage Through Hunger, History, and High Times, is at itunes.