Pennsylvania House passes $15 minimum wage billMinimum wage hike to $15 an hour passes in Pa. House

By Peter Hall

June 20, 2023

Pennsylvania House lawmakers voted Tuesday to raise the state’s minimum wage after 14 years at $7.25 an hour, the lowest rate allowed under federal law.

The measure, which is part of Democratic Gov. Josh Shapiro’s budget proposal, is likely to become a bargaining chip as House Democrats and Senate Republicans work over the next 10 days to hammer out a state budget that will pass in both chambers.

The minimum wage bill would initially raise the minimum wage to $11 an hour next year, $13 an hour in 2025 and $15 an hour in 2026. Increases each year thereafter would be tied to the consumer price index.

House Bill 1500, sponsored by Rep. Jason Dawkins, D-Philadelphia, passed in a 103-100 vote with Republican Reps. Joe Hogan and Kathleen Tomlinson, both of Bucks County breaking ranks with their caucus. read more