NUT Gives Niger Ultimatum to Pay Teachers Minimum Wage

By March 9, 2020

The Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) has given the Niger State government up to the end of this month (March) to pay all categories of teachers the new minimum wage and its consequential adjustment.

The union alleged that when the government commenced the payment of all workers the new wage in February several “qualified teachers” were omitted from the salary payment vouchers resulting in outcry by those concerned.

The NUT had as a result of the development, compiled the list of teachers who were not beneficiaries of the 18 per cent across the board increase for senior civil servants and forwarded same to the federal government for necessary action.

Rising from a state executive committee Meeting held in Minna, the state capital at the weekend, the union observed that despite teachers being the least salary earners in the state, the 18 per cent consequential adjustment was not implemented for them.

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