Minneapolis minimum wage increasing to $14.50 for small businesses

By Jack O’Connor and Victoria Zamorano

June 20, 2023

Minneapolis’ small business minimum wage will increase by one dollar beginning July 1.

The city’s minimum wage is increasing to $14.50 per hour for Minneapolis businesses with fewer than 100 employees beginning July 1, the sixth increase in six years. The increase is part of a 5-year plan following a 2017 city ordinance to increase the minimum wage to $15 for small and large businesses.

Beginning in July 2024, small and large businesses will have the same minimum wage of $15.19 per hour. The minimum wage will increase every January to account for inflation. The University of Minnesota, unlike the city and state, the $15 per hour student minimum wage will not have to adjust for inflation.

Kent Kramp, Dinkytown Raising Cane’s owner and president of the Dinkytown Business Alliance, said paying minimum wage is not attracting workers post-COVID.

“You can’t find anyone to work for minimum wage,” Kramp said. “We haven’t been paying minimum wage in our Cane’s in a long time.”

Kramp said his employee’s average wage is above $17 an hour. read more