Minimum-wage hike step in the right direction, but $15 would be better, say workers

Provincial government has promised a series of increases to bring the wage to $12.65 by October 2021

CBC News · Posted: Feb 24, 2020

The provincial government’s recent promise to give the wage a bump the minimum wage to $12.65 an hour over the next year and a half still won’t be enough, people who earn the figure tell CBC News.

“I think we need a living wage, not an increase to minimum wage,” said Shane Pope, a social work student at Memorial University who holds a part-time job as a barista.

“If my fiancé wasn’t working, we wouldn’t do it. Not with $800 a month in rent, and then your lights is top notch and then your groceries,” a woman who declined to give her name told CBC Radio’s St. John’s Morning Show.

“$12.65 is not enough either. I’d say $15 would probably do it, help a lot of people.”

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