Letter: Minimum wage was never meant to be a “living wage”

By Roy

Having lived 71 years I can tell you, minimum wage was never meant to be a “living wage,” It was for entry level jobs, teens, college students, part-timers and less highly trained individuals. Being locked into minimum wage encouraged further training/education to improve ones standard of living.

Continuing to raise minimum wage (1.) forces businesses to raise the price of goods and services, hurting all those who did not get a raise — especially those on a fixed income. (2.) encourages the entitlement attitude of the current generation.

In a democracy, you EARN your way, This is a land of opportunity not a free ride.

We make our children dependent and weak if we do not teach them to climb the ladder of success with learning and hard work.

My children were taught that they should not expect to enter the adult world at the level that I live. They should get to the bottom of the ladder and climb up like the rest of us did. We need to stop the upward spiral of minimum wage and remind people to get training and get a better job — that’s how opportunity works.