LA Council to consider making it more difficult to fire employees amid coronavirus crisis

Valley Industry & Commerce Association opposes at least one of the initiatives

By MIKE SPRAGUE | March 22, 2020

Los Angeles City Council at its Tuesday meeting is expected to take up a number of measures setting restrictions on businesses and their ability to fire their employees in light of the coronavirus crisis.

“A minimum wage worker in Los Angeles might already struggle to make rent if they miss one paycheck.” they wrote. “But as people increasingly avoid public places because of the new coronavirus, hotels and restaurants in neighborhoods across our city are particularly feeling the impact.”

The proposals, which are retroactive to March 1 — would mandate that:

  • Businesses to lay off employees based on seniority.
  • If a business survives the recession, employees will have the right of recall based on seniority.
  • If a business is sold, the laid off employees will have the right of retention.
  • Additionally, businesses will need to have ‘just cause’ to terminate an employee

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