Increasing Louisiana’s Minimum Wage – It’s Not Dead YetRead More: Increasing Louisiana’s Minimum Wage – It’s Not Dead Yet

By Bruce Mikells

May 12, 2023

Louisiana workers who are hoping to see an increase in their compensation for jobs well done still have a glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe that compensation will be increasing. Earlier this week we told you the story of legislation in the Louisiana House that would raise the state’s minimum wage to $10 an hour had died in committee.

Well, don’t call the undertaker just yet because a Senate Committee has voted to advance similar legislation through the upper chamber of our state government. This means that the hope for a $ 10-an-hour minimum wage in Louisiana is not dead.

In fact, in the Senate version of the “minimum wage bill” the minimum hourly wage would immediately be raised to $10 per hour for next year and be increased to $14 an hour by the year 2028. As it sits now, Louisiana is one of 21 states that has a minimum wage that mirrors the federal wage guidelines, that compensation is $7.25 per hour. read more