Giants prospect calls minor-leaguers’ raise good start… but still unlivable

By Henry Schulman February 14, 2020

Minor-leaguers will get a bump in pay starting in 2021, a good first step but hardly a giant leap, according to the lawyer and former Giants pitching prospect who is spearheading a class-action lawsuit on the behalf of thousands of players that seeks better compensation and back pay.

“It’s long overdue and just a first step, but it’s good to see them take the first step,” Garrett Broshuis told The Chronicle on Friday after the Associated Press reported that Major League Baseball sent a memo to all 30 teams formalizing the pay increase.

“The updated salaries still place most players below the poverty line, and it doesn’t do anything about the requirement that players work for free during spring training and instructional leagues,” Broshuis said. “But hopefully more changes will come.”

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