Gett shutting down Juno, announces Lyft partnership

The three-year old ride-hail app Juno will shut down Monday evening, parent company Gett announced today, citing “misguided” city regulations and a strategic shift toward the corporate transportation sector.

A spokeswoman said the Juno app will go dark sometime around 6 p.m.

Juno has been struggling for some time. Earlier this year, when it was attempting to sell itself to other ride-hail services, industry insiders said the service was losing $1 million a day.

It has blamed its troubles on the city’s new minimum-wage regulations, which went into effect in February and, according to an unsuccessful suit the company brought against the city, disadvantaged smaller operators with a reliance on “utilization” rates. The fewer passengers a service provides per hour, the more the operator must contribute to its drivers’ pay.

Both Lyft and Juno have argued that the arrangement benefits Uber, which has the biggest share of the market and the highest utilization rate of all the ride-hail services after Via.