For Ohio Workers, Pay Stubs are Optional

By Jim Michaels Feb. 24, 2020

COLUMBUS, Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC and Ohio News Connection) – Getting paid on Friday? Roughly half of all employees in the United States are paid on Fridays, but some don’t get a pay stub to go along with their pay.

Ohio is one of nine states that doesn’t require employers to provide a pay statement to employees, which Michael Shields, a researcher for Policy Matters Ohio, said creates a lack of transparency.

“If workers aren’t getting a pay stub, it makes it really easy for, one, mistakes to happen in pay,” he said, “and two, we know that there are a number of employers in Ohio who are actually committing wage theft. That’s a lot easier to do if an employer is not providing a record.”

Research from Policy Matters Ohio found that employers in the state steal an average of $2,800 from each of 217,000 workers a year through minimum-wage violations alone. Shields noted that it could be much higher, since most cases go unreported. In Ohio, a Senate committee is considering House Bill 137. Passed by the House, … Post navigation