Bennett to Trump: ‘Racism and Homophobia Unwelcome Here’

By Insider NJ January 28, 2020

The following is a full rough draft transcript of the speech that Atlantic County Freeholder Ashley Bennett intends to give on the boardwalk this evening as President Donald J. Trump prepares to take the state in Wildwood.

(Bennett is a candidate for the Democratic nomination in Congressional District 2):

“Good Afternoon my sisters, brothers, neighbors and all allies that have gathered with us today. Thank you for showing up and showing out to lift your collective voices. Today is so much bigger than any of us could possibly imagine. We will no longer accept being silenced. After being deeply betrayed by our Congressman Jeff Van Drew, he has the audacity to not only flaunt that deep rooted betrayal in our faces. He has brought Hate into our district to campaign with and for him.

“He has brought a president that seeks to divide the hard working families of this great district. He has brought a man that wreaked havoc on the livelihood of so many hard working people of this district with his failed casinos in Atlantic City. Today, United with neighbors and allies, we have a message for the Democrat turned Republican congressman Jeff Van Drew. Our message to you congressman is that HATE is NOT welcomed here in CD 2. Misogyny is NOT welcome here in CD 2, Racism and Homophobia is NOT welcome here Congressman. Denying women the right to govern their own bodies is not welcome here congressman. Turning some of your constituents into ‘other’ is not welcome here. You will NOT divide and conquer us with dog whistles and stereotypical accusations. We are here today to Stand UP for hard working families who are more concerned with earning a living wage, having access to good health care and feeding their families and living with dignity than we are with you winning the next election Congressman.”