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Hawaii is Hiring website lists more than 17,000 job openings across the state

By Annalisa Burgos July 27, 2020 People receiving unemployment insurance will start to see smaller checks next week. Unless both the U.S. House and Senate work out details of a new stimulus package before the scheduled recess on August 7th, thousands of people in Hawaii collecting benefits will have to resort to their Plan B. If you don't like letting your guard down during the COVID-19 pandemic, a security job may be for you. ... "There's so many other opportunities out there, and maybe not the skill sets that they had previously in their job, but an opportunity to learn new skill sets and get trained for the skill sets and hopefully ...


By Ben Szalinski February 24, 2020 Amazon bought the old commercial property, but Bolingbrook’s mayor opposes putting 1,500 jobs on it. Illinois’ job growth was below the national average in 2019. Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar flatly rejected Amazon’s bid to build an 825,000-square-foot fulfillment center, bringing 1,500 jobs to the suburb southwest of Chicago. Claar, who has been mayor since 1986, raised issues with Amazon’s pledge to pay workers $15 an hour. He told Crain’s Chicago Business he would rather see jobs that pay people more than minimum wage so they have discretionary income to spend in the local economy. Read More

Angry workers spurn Ethiopia’s ‘industrial revolution’

By Robbie Corey-Boulet February 9, 2020 By attracting foreign investors through cheap labour, [Ethiopia] wants to follow the model of China and other Asian nations in creating a robust manufacturing sector that can offer badly needed jobs for its young workforce. But despite high unemployment, young Ethiopians are not going along with it, preferring to quit rather than stay in jobs where they feel underpaid and disrespected. Thousands of employees have already walked out of the country's new and burgeoning network of industrial parks. Read More

State-required minimum wage in Westchester going up

By Peter Katz December 6, 2019 The minimum wage required to be paid under New York state law by businesses in Westchester goes up to $13 per hour as planned on Dec. 31, as a Dec. 4 report by the Division of the Budget found that scheduled minimum wage increases have not negatively impacted the state’s economy. Annual reports on the impact on the economy of increasing the minimum hourly wage were mandated when the $15 minimum wage law was put into effect. The increase from the current $12 per hour to $13 in Westchester is part of a schedule that phases-in increases on a regional basis. Outside of New York City, Long Island and Westchester, ...