Report finds Wyoming wages haven’t risen with the cost of living

By Margaret Austin

February 19, 2020

Across Wyoming, parents raising children struggle to pay for basic necessities like housing, food and health care. Released Tuesday, the Self-Sufficiency Standard for Wyoming 2020 report aims to measure just how much an individual needs to earn to support the most basic costs of raising a family.

Measuring a variety of factors, including child care, transportation and emergency savings, the Self-Sufficiency Standard provides a “deeper dive” in looking at economic sustainability, according to Megan Degenfelder, chairwoman of the Wyoming Women’s Foundation Board.

“It is very much our hope that policymakers, state agencies, employers, nonprofits and individuals can use the Self-Sufficiency Standard to become familiar with what the most current reflection of the needs of our communities are,” Degenfelder said.

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