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COMMENTARY: Foresters’ view on the $15/hour minimum wage

By Kennon Morris / Feb. 25, 2020 The Virginia Forest Products Association represents mainly small independent businesses in the forest products industry throughout rural Virginia—from sawmills, to loggers, to truck drivers, to equipment dealers. Our industry accounts for approximately 108,000 jobs with an industry impact of $21 billion to the commonwealth, representing the third largest contributor to the state’s economy. We are primarily located in rural Virginia, where the cost of living is lower. But we supply jobs and revenue all across the state, something I am not sure people in urban Virginia really understand. Our industry is ...

Guest Opinion: Moderate minimum wage hikes don’t impact employment MOST POPULAR Never Miss A Story Subscribe to The Intelligencer UPCOMING EVENTS CLOSE

By Jacqui Rogers / Feb. 26, 2020 Eight Nobel prize-winners were among the 600 economists who explained in a 2014 letter to Congress, “The effect of increasing the minimum wage on employment is probably the most studied topic in labor economics, and the consensus of the literature is that moderate increases in the minimum wage has little or no negative effect on employment.” Tell it to the Pennsylvania legislature. For the past 10 years, Pennsylvania’s minimum wage has remained at $7.25 per hour, the lowest amount allowable by federal law, even as inflation has risen 13 percent. Every state bordering Pennsylvania has raised its minimum ...

Real living wage for Milton Keynes’ street cleaners

From mkfm.com February 24th, 2020 Street Cleaners in Milton Keynes have won their fight to be paid the real Living Wage. The team of street cleaners employed by Serco work across Milton Keynes. The Trade Union GMB represented them to negotiate an increase in their pay to the real Living Wage. Cllr Emily Darlington, Cabinet Member for Public Realm, said: “As a Labour-led Council we’re proud to be a Living Wage employer and championing the fight for the real Living Wage. Read More

Ed Markey: $15 An Hour Minimum Wage Maybe Isn’t High Enough

By Tom Joyce February 24, 2020, Massachusetts U.S. Senator Ed Markey advocates for a $15-an-hour minimum wage, but what about a $20 an hour? Markey sounded game during a recent interview with New Boston Post. Over the past year, some Democrats have signaled support for a minimum wage higher than $15 an hour. Presidential candidate and billionaire Tom Steyer voiced his support for a $22 an hour minimum wage earlier this month. And last July, U.S. Representative Rashida Tlalib (D-Michigan), a self-described democratic socialist and member of “The Squad,” argued the minimum wage should be around $20 an hour. Read More

Students across California march for a living wage

By Caleb Hampton February 22, 2020 Students at UC Davis and across the University of California system rallied on Friday, demanding a living wage for teaching assistants and other graduate student workers. A growing coalition of UC students pushing for a cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, has set off a power struggle between students and administrators. UC students living in some of the country’s most expensive housing markets say they cannot afford to live on their current salaries. “The majority of our pay goes to just trying to have a shelter over us,” said Beshara Kehdi, a Ph.D. student at UC Davis. “We are fighting for a decent ...