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Workers at Tartine Bakery Are Unionizing

By Alex N. Press February 8, 2020 The San Francisco Bay Area’s Tartine Bakery is world-famous for its award-winning baked goods. But fame and awards don’t pay workers’ bills or give them a say on the job — which is why those workers say they want a union. Read More

As cost of living soars, SF program to help struggling airport workers pay bills

Heather Knight Jan. 7, 2020 In one of the most expensive cities in the world, plenty of fully employed people are one emergency away from a financial catastrophe. And in a region with almost no unemployment, bosses are constantly scrambling to keep their businesses fully staffed. This spring, Treasurer Jose Cisneros will launch a, well, pilot program at the airport to test whether providing easily accessible emergency funds to low-paid workers can help both them and their employers. Cisneros’ office has received a $150,000 grant from the Workers’ Lab, an Oakland incubator for projects that empower union workers. It is funded by Service ...